MOSTAJO SOCIEDAD CIVIL - LAW FIRM, is a law office and its work has always been guided to advise and provide legal services to national and foreign companies.

During its existence, the Law Firm has constituted, merged, transformed and/or dissolved thousands of companies in Bolivia and has established many foreign branches of companies and several offices of foreign companies, many of them were conducted by members of the Legal Firm as directors.

The relationship between members of the Firm with authorities of different governments in Bolivia, congress members and magistrates of the Judicial Power, allowed them to have access to the highest levels in the State for the diligent dispatchment of legal matters entrusted

The Law Firm has participated in negotiations of multinational entities and in high level meetings throughout the world.

Members of the Law Firm have had active participation in the process of transformation of the bolivian economy, contributing to change the structure of the country; they have written many articles in national newspapers as well as in foreign magazines, its members have set up suggestions to the Powers of State continuously in order to improve legal rules; then have prepared various projects of important laws which have been promulgated in Bolivia.

In commercial, corporative, stock market, tributary, hydrocarbons, electricity, mining, telecommunications, transport, administrative, bank and social law areas, its presence has been permanent and notorious.

The Legal Firm, has a wide experience in litigation, constitutional resources and arbitration, areas in which the Law Firm is highly pondered for its seriousness, responsibility and reliability.


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