The Law Firm was established in 1957 by Dr. Luis Fernando Mostajo, who formed the professional society Mostajo Sociedad Civil Legal Firm today called Mostajo & Toro Sociedad Civil - Firma Legal. Its main office is located in one of the most important avenues of the city of La Paz, in the most accessible and commercial area of the city.

Its Members of the Legal Firm have been Directors of the Bar Associations of La Paz, Santa Cruz and Cochabamba.

Since 1994, the Law Firm is a Bolivian member of worldwide networks of lawyers with top-level Legal Studies around the world.

Mostajo & Toro Sociedad Civil, Firma Legal, has highly experienced correspondent lawyers in the main cities of Bolivia and has specialized and high-level support staff for the best service to its clients.

The Firm speaks the Spanish and English.

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